Promises, Promises!

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First things first, allow me to wish you a very happy New Year! May 2015 be filled with special moments, inspiring projects and the joys of wireless living (bras and otherwise)!

Come January 1st, many of us feel a strong urge to begin the year fresh. So we make a list of resolutions. The champagne fizzes away in our best crystal as we resolve to become kinder, fitter or more productive. Promises we may, or may not, keep.2015 New Year Resolution

Me, I’m the queen of resolutions. I love making them every New Year’s and I love listening to other people’s resolutions. Think of me as the Barbara Walters of resolutions. Just for a minute.

A quick survey reveals that the most popular resolutions include losing weight, exercising, spending more time with friends and family, and learning something new. (Needlepoint 101, here I come!) Another popular one, for hard-core resolution makers such as my husband, is alcohol abstinence for a long, long time. OK… We’ll see how long this one lasts. (At time of press, my honey had lasted 6 days, 17 hours and 23 minutes before twisting open a brewsky.) As I was saying…

For 2015, Miel Sister Camila’s personal resolution is to turn off all screens (TV, tablet, laptop, mobile phone) one full hour—yes, that’s 60 minutes—before bedtime. Experts agree that “unplugging” before hitting the sheets improves sleep, reduces stress and helps family relationships. Benefits that will certainly apply to all household members, including hubby and baby!

On the professional front, sisters Camila and Valeria have chosen a more altruistic resolution. After six years of creating and marketing what is arguably the world’s most comfortable underwear, it’s time for the Miel Sisters to partner up with a non-profit organization to promote an important and meaningful social cause. The jury’s still out on their choice, but you can bet your bottom dollar that it’ll be something close to their hearts.

Win a Sweet miel® Set!

What are your resolutions for 2015? We’d love to hear from you! The Miel Sisters will award the best resolution (it should be original, measurable and attainable) with the gift of their popular seamless NANA bra and IRIS hipster now available in blue denim color! You have until January 31st to submit your resolutions in the blog’s comments section (just click on Leave a Comment). We will contact the winner via email or Facebook for size and shipping details. May the best resolution win!

Seamless Bra and Hipster in Blue Denim

Loco for Coco!

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By the time fall rolls around, the leaves have turned and the air is crisp and redolent of home baking. We’re good and ready for a hot toddy, a new wardrobe and yet another season of House of Cards.

October is also breast cancer awareness month, a subject that is close to our hearts (and, indeed, bosoms). In the summer of 2009, our dear aunt Coco lost her fight against breast cancer. She was 67 when she died, leaving behind the man with whom she shared her life, three children and all the rest of us.

Long before we ever hooked up our first bras, tia Coco was a big part of our lives. Lovingly nicknamed Borito by us kids, Coco was a respected fiscal lawyer in Columbia who fought passionately for the rights of others.

She was loving and generous. There was no limit to the family and friends she welcomed into her home and into her heart. Living with her during our college years, she always welcomed our friends as if they were her own, spending entire afternoons chatting with them even if we weren’t around. Her house was an open house! She was quirky too, we used to laugh about the old Corolla that she loved and treated like a Ferrari. These are all parts of Coco we still cherish.


Coco landing her first parachute jump!

Coco landing her first parachute jump!

Coco was a strong, determined and active woman. Throughout her illness and treatment, she laughed, danced and fought like a warrior. She never lost hope. She passed away right after we launched the three first styles of our collection, so she did get to wear some of our undies. It was in honour of her memory that we named our COCO camisole. It represents the combination of strength, support and comfort with which our aunt lived her life.

October 12 was Coco’s birthday. To celebrate our aunt’s memory and draw attention to breast cancer awareness, we’re offering 25% off all COCO camisoles, from October 12 to 19. What better way to go Loco for COCO!

Striking a Pose with Yasmin Yoga

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Who better to embody the joy and spirit of sweet Miel undies than Yasmin F. Gow, yoga teacher and ayurvedic practitioner, owner of Yasmin Yoga Loft located in Old Montreal. Miel Sisters Camilla and Valeria have known Yasmin for about four years and when the opportunity to partner up with her presented itself, the sisters thanked their lucky stars, saluted the sun and were, quite simply, over the moon!

Read on to find out a little more about this inspiring yogapreneur. And don’t forget to check out her smoking-hot photo shoot in the Valley of Fire, Nevada’s oldest and largest state park. We’ll be posting the photos very soon… in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek:

Yasmin in red

Photo courtesy of Andrea Hausmann

Suzanne: I recently read that you enjoy fashion and like to dress up. As a person who spends many hours in and around a yoga studio, what role does fashion play in your life?

Yasmin: I love and appreciate art in all its forms. Fashion for me is art you take with you on to the street. I’m not into labels, but have always been interested in things that are well made, tailored, unique, and one of a kind. I mostly like neutrals with wild accessories.

After a long and drawn out winter, the warm weather is finally here. What Miel items will you be wearing this summer?

The low rise SOL thongs, for sure, as they are the best for yoga and the MIMI bandeau under my tank tops. I also have a new sheer dress, which pairs perfectly with the nude color bandeau and the IRIS culotte.

In this day and age of high tech undergarments, what are your thoughts on wireless… underwear?

Thank goodness for wireless bras! They are more flexible, so good for yoga poses and better for deep intercostal breathing. Plus, they are more comfortable.

You always look so amazing. What is your daily beauty routine? Do you have a secret up that cap sleeve of yours?

Thank you! I sleep well, exercise daily, eat a plant-based diet according to my ayurvedic constitution, and take care of my skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body and its primary function is to breathe and detox. Very important. I am obsessed with Arbonne products, as they are vegan, toxin free and based on ayurvedic principles which I relate to.

You’re just back from Nevada where you posed under the sun in Miel accoutrements. Sounds like fun, and the pics are gorgeous. What was the coolest place you ever practiced yoga?

Valley of Fire in Nevada where we shot those pictures is pretty high up on the list. Another memorable practice was on a six-hour train ride across Germany. Stability is a really interesting challenge on a train or boat. But, really, my favorite place to practice is in nature—my toes in the soft grass, tall trees around me, a breeze, and, whenever possible, a view of the water. When I lived in Byron Bay, I used to practice on the cliffs facing the easternmost tip of the Australian mainland and that was pretty epic. Right now, I am enjoying practicing in the grass on De la Commune in the Old Port near my new loft. It’s pretty nice. Come join me this summer!

It’s June and many of us want to make the most of the long summertime days. What positions do you suggest to boost creative energy?

Standing poses like triangle, side angle, warriors, etc. Balancing poses like tree, dancer, eagle and half-moon. Arm balances are good too as they boost confidence and courage. Best practice for increasing creative energy are poses that open up the places in the body where one feels energetically congested. This is different for each of us, so I suggest people breathe and follow the flow of their own body’s needs and desires for movement.

Have you ever tried stand up paddleboard (SUP) yoga? Is this a craze or is it here to stay? In other words, need I start to worry about waterproofing my yoga shorts?

I have tried and enjoyed stand up paddle boarding, but not SUP yoga. For me yoga is about being grounded and stable, I imagine that is very difficult on a paddleboard. But I suspect that’s the point. I would be interested in giving it a try. After all, yoga on water sounds cool. Is it a craze? I don’t know. But I suggest everyone try it at least once and make their own decision.

You are a certified yoga teacher and ayurvedic practitioner, you have your own yoga studio in Old Montreal, you hold the Guinness world record for the longest yoga marathon performed by a woman, you’ve created a series of yoga DVDs, you write, you give lectures, etc. Heck, you’ve accomplished a whole lot. Do you have a bucket list? And if so, can you share an item or two with us?

Yes! I have a huge desire to swim with wild humpback whales. I have heard of a place in Tahiti that takes out small groups once a year. I have dreams about doing something like that. I also want to travel across India and learn how to properly toss pizza dough! Know any pizza chefs who would be willing to teach me? (Editor’s note: We’ll get right on that.)

What is your guilty pleasure? And please, don’t say dark chocolate. Let me get the ball running by sharing mine: condensed milk spooned straight out of the can. There. I said it. So, yours better be darn good.

Polish vodka and apple juice. Not just any Polish vodka—it has to be Żubrówka!—or just any apple juice—I prefer Hucks or a dark cider-like apple juice. Another treat: Guinness with a scoop of Coconut Bliss “ice cream.” This is a unique twist on an ice cream float that I take full credit for inventing two summers ago. Try it. It sounds gross but it’s amazing. I also love salty things like chips. Are you good with that? (Editor’s note: Oh yeah baby!)

Let’s wrap this up with a funny anecdote about yoga, travelling, underwear, whatever. Anything you care to share?

Rather than funny, let’s go deep… The purpose of yoga (and life) is about being fully united with yourself and understanding your value. The light, the sexy, the ugly, the innocent, the confused, the ridiculous, the jealous, and the dark are all parts of who we are. Obviously, there are many ways to work with of all this. Find your own way to gain insight—yoga postures, dance, conscious breathing, meditation, poetry, painting, martial arts, whatever. Being aware, accepting and appreciative of the various facets of ourselves is massively important if we want to experience freedom and make any impact in this world.


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Energy drink (1)By day I am intern. By night I am interviewer.

For the past nine weeks I have been juggling two occupations, after a long 12 hour shift I would be lying if I told you I did not feel drained. It has been a challenging experience but as a result I have gained a new fond respect for individuals working multiple jobs just to keep financial afloat. I commend them! Nonetheless, my experience as an intern has been rewarding, learning new aspects of marketing and working with charming business, savvy women. Still, in order  to keep up with the demands of a real career job, I need loads of natural energy to sustain me throughout the day, when caffeine fails.  Since purchasing my magic bullet I have been experimenting and researching smoothies to try. So after a few taste test, here are my top natural smoothie recommendations for those  needing a daily dose of oomph during these hot and festive summer days.

  • GLOWING GREEN SMOOTHIE (recipe courtesy of Kimberly Snyder)

Ingredient: 2 cups of filtered water, 7 cups of chopped spinach , 6 cups chopped romaine lettuce 1 ½    cups chopped celery , 1 apple cored and chopped, 1 pear cored and chopped, 1 banana, 2 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice.

Directions: Puree all ingredients in a blender.

  • CARROT GINGER SMOOTHIE ( recipe courtesy Martha Stewart)

Ingredients:1 banana, cut into chunks,1 cup ice cubes, 1/2 cup bottled carrot juice, 1/2 cup plain low-fat yogurt, 3/4-inch piece peeled fresh ginger, coarsely chopped

Directions: Puree all ingredients in a blender.

  • SUPER ENERGY SMOOTHIE( recipe courtesy of Montel Williams)


Ingredients:2 pints cut up pineapple,2 pints cut up watermelon,2 quarts coconut water,1 bag baby spinach,1 bag frozen blueberries,2 green apples or 2 bananas

Directions: Blend all of the ingredients together in a juicer, pour into 16 oz. servings. You can store or freeze extra smoothies to drink later. Enjoy!


  • HIGH ENERGY FRUIT SMOOTHIE (recipe and image courtesy of Rhonda Wylie)


Ingredients ¼  cup of water, ½  cup of blueberries, 1 orange, 1 mango, 2 kiwi, 8 cherry tomatoes, 4packets of Stevia sweetener( often sold as struvia), 1 cup of ice.

Directions: Place all ingredients in a blender beginning with water and ending in ice, Start blender slowly then increase with speed till all ingredients become a  smooth consistency.


  • CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY  SMOOTHIE( recipe courtesy of Emily M. White)

Ingredients: 1 serving chocolate flavored soy protein,1 cup vanilla soy milk, light,1 cup frozen raspberries,1/8 teaspoon orange extract, 4 ice cubes

Directions: Puree all ingredients in a blender.


  • Important To Know:  Fruit smoothies and fruit juicing are  beneficial to our digestive system as they are  rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, which ultimate help to sustain a healthy energetic life.
  • Tips: The ripest  produce are grown during the summer, so take advantage of buying fresh and or organic  fruits and vegetables from you local farmers market.


Easily Distracted?

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At some point in our early academic upbringing we shared a classroom with a child or friend who exhibited clear signs of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Aside from being hyperactive, this friend may have been disruptive, had difficulty concentrating and completing tasks. These classic ADHD symptoms along with others have commonly been recognized in children, but of recent years these same symptoms have become increasingly present in adults, especially in women.

In the June issue of Women’s Health magazine they dedicate the  “Is Your Mind in Overdrive” article to the alarming trend of late ADHD diagnosis in women. The article address some of the leading factors contributing to the trend, like the irregularities in our key neurotransmitters: dopamine and norepinephrine, our genetic liaison to ADHD, and the most revealing factor to be, the social expectations place on women which aid at masking the disorder through *coping mechanisms (*seeking to master, minimize or tolerate the problem). The late diagnosis of ADHD can be far more harmful to the mental state of women than in men, and can negatively affect work, interpersonal and personal relationships. Fortunately, there are medications that can help reduce the symptoms in adults, however it isn’t a magical pill that will fix all the problems and relationship difficulties. That’s why it’s so important to also make lifestyle changes that include regular exercise and yoga, a healthy diet and sufficient sleep.  There are many natural treatments that are effective and a great option to treat ADHD in adults, the article suggests:

  • “Supercharge your brain with foods such as nuts, vegetables, eggs and lean meat. Protein provides essential building blocks for alertness-inducing brain chemichals.”


  • If you have you have a major task ahead write down the tasks in small steps. Avoid putting off assignments.

  • “If your mind wanders off during meetings, force yourself to pay attention by taking detail notes or keep your eyes on the person speaking.”








  • “Each time click to open an email, text or facebook notification your brain gets a temporary dopamine surge leaving you happy then distracted. Avoid excessively checking personal accounts.”



  • Touch has an amazing ability to help improve self regulation, so treat yourself to a rubdown.


To read the full length article, pick up the latest copy of Women’s Health Magazine or visit

For more information on the subject visit



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As a female I always feel inspired when I see women from various races and social status uniting for one common cause; the empowerment of us! This week has been just that, educating and celebrating what it means to be a female and the power we possess. It began when musicians, actors and a stadium filled with 50 000 females let their power be heard during the Sound of Change concert in London. The event was to inaugurate, Chime for Change, a new female empowerment campaigned established  by  Gucci, geared at raising funds and awareness to  women’s issues and supporting projects like access to education, healthcare and justice  for females around the world. The celebration included a series of high energy charged performances by Beyoncé ( co founder of the campaign), Jennifer Lopez, Mary J Blidge, and Madonna who  delivered a moving speech.


For more information on how to be apart of this new global female empowerment campaign or to donate please visit

Here are some the performances from the concert below.



  Also this week, media mogul and Forbes 11th powerful woman in the world, Oprah Winfrey was awarded with   an honorary doctorate from Harvard University, for her  outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment and extensive humanitarian work. She also took to the podium to give the graduating class of 2013 an inspirational commencement speech .During the speech she shared personal stories of triumph and failure, even offering advice on how to perceive inevitable let-downs, stating “there is no such thing as failure — failure is just life trying to move us in another direction.” In her closing statements she reminded the graduates to live life with a purpose and in the  “most highest, truest expression of self” in order to achieve success.


To watch the full length speech, hit below.     gives-commencement-speech-at-harvard/



It is both uplifting and progressive when females in conservative societies are held to high regards and granted access to things women in modern societies take for granted. Just this week a licence was finally issued in Saudi Arabia to open the very first sports center dedicated females; a modern series of change expected to increase women’s rights in conservative countries. The center will allow for girls and women to take part in sports, fitness regiments and  health education. It is a positive advancement and hopefully in the coming months well see more progress for  females in Saudi Arabia

To read more about the center hit the link below.






This weekend will be all about fast cars, celebrities, exclusive parties and excessive spending at this years Grand Prix weekend.Those with passes to the Formula 1 races, should be well equipped with umbrellas, as it will be one wet occasion. As for the ticket-less race car fans, you can share in the excitement, in a different setting, thanks to St Catherine Street. Like every year, expect to see exotic cars on display, or being driven, musical performances and other F1 associated activities.  Regardless of the rain, there will be plenty beautiful people out for an eventful Grand Prix weekend. #mtlgrandprix

How will you be spending your  Grand Prix weekend, let us know.

Bye May, Hello June Festivities!

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 This weekend we welcome the month of June and in the city of Montreal that means a fun agenda of exciting festivities. Here are this weekend’s top events to look out for:

1.The 20th edition of the Montreal Beer festival kicked off this past Wednesday May 29th and will be running till Sunday June 2nd 2013. To commemorate the 20th milestone, for first time the event will be held at Palais des congrès located inside Place D’Armes Metro in Downtown Montreal. The expected 100,000 beer enthusiasts will get the opportunity to taste beer from various parts of the world with the simple purchase of coupons priced at  1$ each.  

Side note: One tasting will require 2 to 6 coupons so make sure you have a your ones up.

For more information visit the official event website


Interesting Bear Facts

  • Can be made from  barely, wheat, rice ,corn and yeast
  • Can lower chance of heart disease blood clots, kidney stones. Plus lower blood pressure.
  • Beer is both fat and cholesterol free
  • Beer has relaxing effect on body ,thereby reducing stress and helping you sleep better
  • Beer is packed with protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and vitamins B, B2, and B6 basically healthy and essential bodily nutrients.
  • Dark bear is healthier
    Information Retrieved on

2. If you want to avoid gaining a beer belly, a crowed convention center and potentially plastered individuals then luckily for you, you can opt for a more relaxed event at the 2nd annual Yoga Fest being held Friday may 31st to Sunday June2nd at  Le Conservatoire 4750 Henri Julien Ave. Montreal. Seasoned yogis, curious yoginis and even child yogis are welcomed to attend this three day event which will showcase 30 different yoga techniques and 50 hours worth of workshops classes, performances, discussions and panels all led by some of Montreal’s top instructors. To be apart of the full three-day mental and physical rejuvenation session, expect to pay 191$

For complete pricing and courses listing visit

Interesting Yoga Facts

  • A Holistic Health System Founded in India 5000 years ago
  • Patanjali is the founder of Yoga, he wrote the complete  Yoga  Sustra manual  .

To read more interesting facts visit


3.If you want to combine walking and philanthropy to your weekend then head out to Jean Drapeau Park on Sunday June 2nd at 10 am for The annual World Partnership Walk. The two and a half hour marathon held each year aims at increasing awareness on global poverty while raising funds to put an end to it. Individuals, friends and corporate teams are encouraged to take part.

A 100% of all donations will go towards the Aga Khan Foundation Canada an organization with several development projects set up in parts of Africa and Asia. To learn more on how you can get involved or donate visit


                                                   Angela Kim is wearing Nana Bra & Iris Culotte.

Whether you will be dedicating your time to yoga, walking for a cause, or beer testing you will need a breathable and extendible pair of undergarments that will support you through all your motions.

For the Yogini we suggest both the NANA bra and the IRIS Culotte, perfect to comfortably wear beneath yoga wear without the embarrassment of visible panty lines, bulges or dig-ins.

For the runners, consider Miel’s LUNA mid-rise seamless thong paired with the flattering NANA Bra .Not matter what physical position or race you are in, Miel intimates will ensure your comfort, preserve your sexy and keep you fresh through it all.

5 Dangerous Myths about Women and Success

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Today, high-achieving women are under a lot of stress and question their multiple roles as wives, mothers and sisters. While stress and pressure can not be totally eliminated, it’s important for successful women to be aware of the 5 dangerous myths about women and success so they can maintain a healthy self-image and help their sisters through difficult periods. Here’s a summary of Dr. Marcia Reynolds, (Psy.D) research on women in the workplace.

1. Women need to work harder than men to prove themselves.
If you work twice as hard as everyone else, you set up the expectation you will work twice as hard forever. Although this myth may be a truth in some workplaces, be careful you are not making these statements up because someone told you this when you first started your career. Your good results speak for themselves.

2. Women can’t make mistakes while continually proving their value to the organization.
Being creative, innovative and an inspiration to others requires you make and learn from mistakes. You will stunt your growth if you only do what you know you will easily master. You will miss opportunities if you don’t take some risks.

  3. Women can’t joke around or they won’t be taken seriously.
All people laugh at all ages. When we laugh with someone, it is hard to judge them negatively. Having a good sense of humor should be on all lists of leadership traits. Plus, the chemical reaction in the brain increases creativity and productivity.

4. Feminine traits make women better leaders (or the reverse-women lack the killer-instinct and masculine skills to survive in top positions).
Although men account for nearly two-thirds of all leaders, a recently collected data suggests that female bosses may be outperforming their male counterparts. Peers, bosses, workers and direct reports rated women higher than men. What were these “good-leadership” traits? Examples include taking initiative, driving for results, and displaying high integrity and honesty.

5. Women don’t support each other in the workplace.
I would love for people to quit perpetuating the “cat-fighting” myth. I know lots of women who give their time and energy to mentor other women and to create opportunities for women to help each other inside and outside of the workplace. Biologically, when you socially connect with others, you activate the brain regions that improve health and increase creativity.

To read the full article, head over to Dr. Reynold’s blog at Psychology Today.

At Miel Sisters we are all about creating an intimate, feminine and positive work environment. It’s not only important for our physical, mental and emotional well-being, but we feel that it is also represented in the quality of our products. The more women stand together to squash these myths, the better off we all will be. What types of myths have you experienced regarding women and success? Let us know in the comments!

Five Healthy Ways to Boost Your Immune System this Winter

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Here in Montreal, we’re awaiting our first snowfall, which could arrive as early as tonight. Even if it doesn’t dip below zero where you live, winter’s longer, darker days can take a toll on your mood and your health.

Below, our tips on how to build your resistance and boost your mood during the coming winter months:


1. Go outside and play

Studies show that people who exercise outdoor during winter have a lower incidence of depression and even seasonal affective disorder. Put on your comfy underwear and workout clothes and find an outdoor winter activity that you enjoy. Even walking outside half an hour a day will give you the sunlight and activity that your body craves during the cold months.


2. Eat well

When winter hits, so many people turn to carbohydrates and other rich foods as sources of warmth and comfort. While it’s true that you need to eat more during the cold months, don’t abandon all those fruits and vegetables that you were eating last summer: they are the key to feeling good and staving off winter viruses.


3. Know your immune boosters

If you do start to feel run down, be proactive and explore ways to reverse an ailing immune system before you get sick. Immune boosters that work for us include: restorative yoga, echinacea, acupuncture, reishi mushrooms and astragalus.


4. Keep a positive attitude

Make a point of doing things you enjoy and spending time with people who make you happy: go dancing, work out, and spend time with friends. Make the most of winter fashion; take out your favourite sweaters and scarves and turn winter into a time to celebrate and be fashionable.


5. Sleep more

There’s a reason why animals curl up and hibernate during the winter: It’s what our bodies want to do. Getting your eight hours of sleep each night is one of the best ways to give your body a head start in resisting cold and flu season. And hey: who’s going to argue against being warm and cozy?


Winter Activity- Boost your immune system

Photo by Brainware3000


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At the onset of March, some of us northerners get a yearning for something other than winter, and thoughts of summer’s warmth jump-start our craving for fun in the sun. Maybe this signals a deep but hidden need in our bodies for some ingredient to suffuse us with good health.

A hint that there might be something to this notion comes from a deluge of recent research by the medical community, that has uncovered a host of heretofore unknown benefits of the “sunshine vitamin”, know as D. While we have long known about the need for vitamin D to build healthy bones, new discoveries point to its role in:

1) developing and maintaining a healthy immune system;

2) anti-inflammatory mechanisms;

3) reducing the risk of developing a variety of cancers.



So, what does sunshine have to do with vitamin D? It turns out, our bodies make an inactive form of D from our own natural pool of cholesterol, but ultraviolet light (UV) from the sun is needed to convert this to active D. Very little D is present in our food (except for oily fish) but all the D we need can be manufactured by our body if we get full skin exposure to summer sun for five to fifteen minutes a day.

If you are lucky enough to live in a city such as Montreal or Toronto, you will notice that winter lasts around five months a year. You may have woken up at 8am in the winter to face a dark night’s sky, then worked an eight-hour day, only to return to more darkness and endless dry skin from the violent wind. Maybe your expensive shoes are encrusted in salt. Maybe your dog drags you back into the house because he can’t bear yet another frigid walk on gravel laden sidewalks. Yes, winter here lasts almost half the year, and during this time, the sun’s rays yield very little of the critical UV, not to mention that the parkas we wear shield our skin from the sun. What to do? Before you happily run off to the local tanning salon with a good excuse to contradict melanoma risks, be aware of vitamin D supplements. One daily tablet of 1000 units suffices. And 2000 might be even better.




You may have overlooked vitamin D in the past, but the research is now conclusive: it is essential to your healthy lifestyle. If you have mastered the art of de-icing a windshield or dressing a child in a snowsuit in the morning in under 5 minutes, popping a D to protect from you winter’s woes should be a cinch!