Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Here is the Miel Sisters’ ultimate gift guide for all you beautiful, active moms! Whether you’re shopping for a mom you know and admire or hoping to nudge your significant other in the right direction, here are some great ideas to celebrate mothers in style.

To top it all off, we’ve teamed up with two of our fave brands, Salua Lingerie and Soak modern laundry care, for a fabulous Mother’s Day Sweet Giveaway on Instagram and Facebook. Enter and you might win this fantastic trio:

  • Salua Lingerie’s new spring 2015 tank top and shorts set
  • Soak no-rinse wash
  • miel® camisole and panty

Contest ends at midnight Sunday, May 10. The winner of prize draw will be chosen at random and contacted via email or Facebook for size and shipping details. Good luck to all participants! Click here to enter.

Gift Guide

1. Fabletics Activewear

Today’s active woman wants to look stylish whether she’s at yoga, having coffee with friends or out with the kids. Who has time to change? Fabletics covers all bases in various styles and colours.

Fabletics Activewear

Photo courtesy of Fablectics Facebook

2. Salua Lingerie

Sweet dreams call for Salua Lingerie’s boyfriend pajama shirt. Soft, silky and very womanly, it’s perfect for a cozy night at home.


Photo courtesy of Salua Lingerie Facebook

3. Bombas Athletic Socks

Funky and colourful, these “mind-blowingly comfy socks” are out on mission. For every pair sold, Bombas donates a pair to the needy. Need we say more?

Bombas Athletic Socks

Photo courtesy of Bombas Facebook

 4. Yosi Samra Footwear

Follow in the footsteps of the cool urban crowds! Yosi Samra’s foldable flats, sandals, loafers and oxfords are windows to the best-looking soles walking this planet.

YS Flats

Photo courtesy of Yosi Samra Facebook

5. Oh Joy! Lifestyle Book

Billed by Time magazine as one of the most influential people on the Internet, Joy Cho has turned her colourful lifestyle blog Oh Joy! into pure joy for millions of fans. Her new book is just as delightful!

Oh Joy Book

Photo courtesy of Oh Joy! Website

6. Soak No-Rinse Wash

Soak is “modern care for the laundry you love.” Perfect for lingerie and workout clothes, this no-rinse wash comes in original scents and adorable packaging. Check out their cute soakbox gift sets!


Photo courtesy of Soak website

7. Miel Sisters Lingerie

This gift guide wouldn’t be complete without a touch of miel®… How about this weekend favourite?

Miel-Cami-PantyCoco camisole and Iris hipster in white


Getting to the Bottom of my Underwear

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Dear reader, it’s time to pack up my panties and head south for a little R&R. Well, this might be an overstatement. Hubby and I are taking the offspring to the land of Mickey. Fact is, I don’t know how much relaxing I’ll be doing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’m looking forward to this little trip of ours. But I’m gonna need all the support I can get. And you know what this means, don’t you? My underpants better be up to snuff.

When I first started wearing miel®, I fell in love with their seamless design, bright colours and super soft touch. They look—and feel!—so good. But there’s more to them than just good looks. The Miel Sisters are quick to point out that their unmentionables not only are breathable and moisture wicking but also keep a gal feeling fresh from morning to night.

Breathable? Moisture wicking? Gosh, I just want a nice pair of panties.

Miel Underwear

Moisture-Wicking Underwear

Miel® intimates are made out of a Spandex and microfiber blend with the power to wick away moisture. Neat, huh? Yes, but … what does this mean? My trusty Oxford partially helped by defining “to wick” as the ability to “absorb or draw off moisture” but I was too distracted by the expression “to dip one’s wick”(which you can look up for yourselves) to pay much attention to anything else.

So I turned to the experts. (How did people manage before Google?) To wick away moisture means that the fabric weave forces moisture out instead of absorbing it. Moisture is released to the exterior where it evaporates upon contact with air. So you always feel nice and dry in your knickers. That’s a plus when you’re having a long day. With a couple of screaming kids. At the world’s largest amusement park.

What About Feeling Fresh?

My miel® undies do keep me feeling fresh a lot longer than my old cotton briefs. And guess what? There’s actual science to back this up. Did you know that all miel® lingerie includes a built-in botanical antimicrobial protection against stains and odors? Derived from essential oils and minerals, Guardin™, an eco-friendly natural product, is added during the textile manufacturing process. It prevents the growth of nasty bacteria causing odor or stains so bras and panties remain clean and odorless for a nice long time.

Knowledge is key when it comes to dressing for a trip fit for a mouse. Looks like I’m all set for a fun-filled stay at Disney. Now, if only I could get my kids to be more like my underwear: fresh, odorless and stain free.

The 7 Best Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Actually, now that we’ve tucked away the Super Bowl, V Day’s virtually here, there and everywhere as witnessed by the invasion of red hearts, pink cards and white stuffed bears in supermarkets, pharmacies and department stores. There’s no escaping it. Love is in the air, whether we like it or not.


Will You Be Mine? Wireless NANA Bra and Seamless IRIS Hipster in Radiant Red

Apologies to former boyfriends but try as I might, I can’t remember a single Valentine’s that blew my socks off. Too much expectation, too much hype, too much pressure. (Too much wine?) Heck, it’s probably too much for any healthy relationship. In fact, my most vivid Valentine memories hail far back to my childhood: the heart-shaped caked with pink frosting my mom made, the boxes of assorted chocolates, the cutout Valentine’s Day cards we’d give to our grand-parents and best friends. For me, Valentine’s has always been, and will always be, about friends, family… and my sweet tooth.

Whether you’re happily single, merrily coupled up or cozily nestled in a family, why not take this once-in-a-year chance to do something special and loving. Here are 7 sweet ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day:

1. Send a Valentine’s card to your best friend. Lovers may come and go in our lives, but good friends are around for the long run. Let your best buddy know just how special she (or he) really is.

2. Treat yourself to a spa day. Lord knows how tough February can be on our skin, hair and nails, and we need all the pampering we can get. A good facial, deep tissue massage or soak in a whirlpool is just what the Love Doctor ordered.

If you have a favourite spa in mind, remember to reserve early, as Valentine’s falls on a Saturday this year.

However, if like me, you have an aversion to overcrowded tubs and are in the mood to stay home, indulge in a nice long bath (to avoid drying out your skin, add essential oil such as lavender or eucalyptus), a homemade face mask and a cozy robe. I’m loving these easy home recipes.

3. Enjoy some quality alone time. Splurge on great takeout, a fun movie or the latest bestseller (and no, it doesn’t have to be 50 Shades of Grey). Plus, nothing says indulgence quite like a glass of bubbly… Champagne, sparkling wine, spritzer… It’s your day, choose what you love best!

4. Throw a dinner party. I’m no Nigella Lawson, so I need a nice leisurely afternoon to prepare, cook and taste. Maybe even nap. Before guests arrive (or loved ones start whining for food), set the table and change into something fancy. My grandmother always used to get dressed up for dinner, guests or no guests. Some customs are worth revisiting, especially for a special evening.

5. Plan a game night with family members or a group of friends. Scrabble, Risk, Monopoly, go for the classics or try newer board games like Settlers of Catan. Load up on nibbles and hand out candies and chocolates as prizes. This is a great opportunity to turn off all electronic gizmos and tune in to each other.

6. Reconnect with Mother Nature by going for a long walk. According to one Harvard biologist, “we have an innate need to connect with the environment. Nature makes us feel whole.” (For more info on the topic, see the December edition of Vogue.)

7. Slip into something a little more comfortable

Why bother with stiff bras and scratchy panties that feel tight and uncomfortable? Remember girls: sexy is a state of mind and the ultimate luxury is feeling good in your own skin. To slip into something comfortable without sacrificing sexiness, now that’s the essence of femininity. I’ll take comfort and freshness over starched laced any day. Trust me, nothing says sexy like a happy woman. And when I’m wearing my IRIS hipster, I’m one happy woman.

How will you spend Valentine’s Day? Are you a hopeless romantic or a jaded cynic?

Share your comments with us, we’d love to hear from you!


Promises, Promises!

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First things first, allow me to wish you a very happy New Year! May 2015 be filled with special moments, inspiring projects and the joys of wireless living (bras and otherwise)!

Come January 1st, many of us feel a strong urge to begin the year fresh. So we make a list of resolutions. The champagne fizzes away in our best crystal as we resolve to become kinder, fitter or more productive. Promises we may, or may not, keep.2015 New Year Resolution

Me, I’m the queen of resolutions. I love making them every New Year’s and I love listening to other people’s resolutions. Think of me as the Barbara Walters of resolutions. Just for a minute.

A quick survey reveals that the most popular resolutions include losing weight, exercising, spending more time with friends and family, and learning something new. (Needlepoint 101, here I come!) Another popular one, for hard-core resolution makers such as my husband, is alcohol abstinence for a long, long time. OK… We’ll see how long this one lasts. (At time of press, my honey had lasted 6 days, 17 hours and 23 minutes before twisting open a brewsky.) As I was saying…

For 2015, Miel Sister Camila’s personal resolution is to turn off all screens (TV, tablet, laptop, mobile phone) one full hour—yes, that’s 60 minutes—before bedtime. Experts agree that “unplugging” before hitting the sheets improves sleep, reduces stress and helps family relationships. Benefits that will certainly apply to all household members, including hubby and baby!

On the professional front, sisters Camila and Valeria have chosen a more altruistic resolution. After six years of creating and marketing what is arguably the world’s most comfortable underwear, it’s time for the Miel Sisters to partner up with a non-profit organization to promote an important and meaningful social cause. The jury’s still out on their choice, but you can bet your bottom dollar that it’ll be something close to their hearts.

Win a Sweet miel® Set!

What are your resolutions for 2015? We’d love to hear from you! The Miel Sisters will award the best resolution (it should be original, measurable and attainable) with the gift of their popular seamless NANA bra and IRIS hipster now available in blue denim color! You have until January 31st to submit your resolutions in the blog’s comments section (just click on Leave a Comment). We will contact the winner via email or Facebook for size and shipping details. May the best resolution win!

Seamless Bra and Hipster in Blue Denim

Hooking up for the Holidays

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Don’t you just LOVE this time of year? The tinsel, the mistletoe, the fur, the snowflake sweaters… My god, I even love the Christmas carols. Not only do I dig the season and its tidings, I also relish tackling the life-and-death matter of what to wear.

There’s more to an outfit than what meets the eye. Especially a holiday outfit. We spend hours looking for the right dress, the perfect pants, the prettiest top, but what about all the stuff that goes on underneath this finery? Shouldn’t we be hooking up with the right underpinnings for our holiday getup? I dare say, yes.

Miel Seamless Grey Nana.png

Nana Bra in Smoke: Perfect under your LBD

Learning the Hard Way

Eons ago, when I was but a wee lass of 14, the roller skating rink was THE place to be on a Friday night. I’d go with my best friend who, on one particular occasion, looked like the cat’s meow in her tightest jeans and best white and red checked shirt. She was a fine skater, and I envied her grace as she glided around the rink. Yet, teenage tragedy struck. My little kitten suddenly stopped dead in her tracks as she noticed, all too late, a fatal flaw in her outfit: under the black light, her pristine white bra shone—well, more like, glowed—through the thin fabric of her shirt. Boys snickered. Girls giggled. Mortified, she rolled off and spent the remainder of the evening seething under the glaring lights of the concession stand. So much for her Funkytown (and, needless to say, mine).

Whether you’re 14, 24, 34 or more, wearing the right bra can make or break your night.

Cardinal Rules for Holiday Dressing

To make sure people notice you and your best clothes rather than your underwear, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Under a white, ivory or cream top, always wear a nude bra or camisole. This will ensure that your attire steals the spotlight, not your bra.
  • Choose neutral-coloured undies that will keep you feeling fresh from morning to the wee hours of the night. Opt for a soft fabric that wicks away moisture especially if you plan to kick up your heels on the dance floor.
  • Go seamless (bra and panty) when slipping into a luxuriously slinky garment.
  • When wearing form-fitting pants, skirts or dresses, remember: you can’t go wrong with a thong. Nobody wants to go on the naughty list because of VPLs.

‘Twas the Night before the Party

If, like me, you want to look and feel your best during the holidays, go the extra mile when it comes to dressing up: deck yourself with your finest undergarments. Trust me, you’ll have yourself a merry little Christmas!

The Art of Matchmaking

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Let’s do a show of hand, ladies: any matchmakers out there? … That’s what I thought. Not too many of us willingly admit to what my trusty Oxford defines as “scheming to bring couples together.” My own mother denies ever dirtying her manicured hands with matchmaking during my single days. And yet, she was the mastermind behind the single worst blind date of my life involving a grungy bar on Duluth St., bad wine and the company of said date who not only talked me deaf and dumb for more than two hours but also shamelessly flirted with pretty much every guy who came across our path, from the firemen cruising the Main to the vile drunk sprawled on the bar. Apparently, the fact that he was gay did not factor into my mother’s thought process… Nor his, it would seem. I ended up with the bar bill and a blinding migraine.

Sucky blind dates aside, what about matchmaking when it comes to getting dressed in the morning? Do you scheme to match shoes with handbag, lips with nail polish, left sock with right sock? Just how far are you prepared to go when it comes to pairing clothes? And if you don’t match, does this automatically mean that you’re mismatched?

Let’s dive a little bit deeper into the closet. Do you like to match your bra to your undies? Not necessarily my thing, I tend to fear the overly predictable.

Miel_0633_1_a(2) COLOR BLOCK (2)

Coral and Blue… A perfect mismatch!

Having said that, there’s something undeniable about the cohesive appeal of a set: whether it’s by dint of color or cut, the pieces fit together like a match made in heaven. It’s the wow factor of the Brangelina couple, the “one-two punch” allure of a couple of fine looking specimens coming together. Speaking of which… Not to toot my own horn, but let’s just say that I scored high points with my significant other when I wore the NANA bra and IRIS hipster in Radiant Red. Yes, my friends, it takes two to tango and it doesn’t get any better than tangoing in red. Oh so perfect for the upcoming holidays.

Matchmaking doesn’t always work but, sometimes, magic happens. (Note to self: the NANA and IRIS will soon be available in Blue Denim. Time to meet my match!)

NANA bra and IRIS culotte in Radiant Red

NANA bra and IRIS culotte in Radiant Red


Loco for Coco!

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By the time fall rolls around, the leaves have turned and the air is crisp and redolent of home baking. We’re good and ready for a hot toddy, a new wardrobe and yet another season of House of Cards.

October is also breast cancer awareness month, a subject that is close to our hearts (and, indeed, bosoms). In the summer of 2009, our dear aunt Coco lost her fight against breast cancer. She was 67 when she died, leaving behind the man with whom she shared her life, three children and all the rest of us.

Long before we ever hooked up our first bras, tia Coco was a big part of our lives. Lovingly nicknamed Borito by us kids, Coco was a respected fiscal lawyer in Columbia who fought passionately for the rights of others.

She was loving and generous. There was no limit to the family and friends she welcomed into her home and into her heart. Living with her during our college years, she always welcomed our friends as if they were her own, spending entire afternoons chatting with them even if we weren’t around. Her house was an open house! She was quirky too, we used to laugh about the old Corolla that she loved and treated like a Ferrari. These are all parts of Coco we still cherish.


Coco landing her first parachute jump!

Coco landing her first parachute jump!

Coco was a strong, determined and active woman. Throughout her illness and treatment, she laughed, danced and fought like a warrior. She never lost hope. She passed away right after we launched the three first styles of our collection, so she did get to wear some of our undies. It was in honour of her memory that we named our COCO camisole. It represents the combination of strength, support and comfort with which our aunt lived her life.

October 12 was Coco’s birthday. To celebrate our aunt’s memory and draw attention to breast cancer awareness, we’re offering 25% off all COCO camisoles, from October 12 to 19. What better way to go Loco for COCO!

The Bottom Line

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Okay, it’s high time we get a little cheeky and talk bum. More specifically, my bum, and how important it is for my backside to look damn fine from any vantage point. And let’s be honest, we’re all the same, aren’t we? We want people to appreciate our very best asset as we nonchalantly walk into the sunset. Until not so long ago, I didn’t spend that many hours thinking about my backside. Sure, I wanted great-fitting jeans but I didn’t bother much about how my posterior looked in shorts, slim skirts or fitted pants. Visible panty lines? Never gave them a second thought. But now, all of a sudden (and don’t ask me why), I care. A lot. I’ve starting to feel self-conscious about those little tell-tale creases and bulges that delineate the territory claimed by the underwear I am wearing. By Jove, shouldn’t a girl’s knickers remain anonymous?

No sign of VPLs with the Iris culotte!

No sign of VPLs with the Iris culotte!

So now I worry about VPLs, those pesky visible panty lines that my mother never had the decency to sit down and tell me about.

One friend has confided that she tolerates VPLs on the weekend but never ever during the week. Really? Yes, indeed. For this lovely chick, only the crew at her office gets to enjoy the view of her backside at its very smoothest. (This particular friend didn’t request anonymity, but I think it’s best for her sake given the controversial nature of her statement, wouldn’t you agree?)

And so let’s get to the bottom of the issue at hand here: given that VPLs are such a dire predicament for so many of us, how is one to avoid them? Going commando is an option. Then, there’s the great panty vs thong debate.

I myself am a good ol’ fashioned panty girl; I like a cute and cuddly panty that lovingly hugs my bunbuns. That being said, legions of you ladies out there are thong birds, singing the praises of the thong, tanga, g-string, butt floss, whatever you call it. Another friend, who shall remain anonymous, declared that she wouldn’t let any kind of thong near her precious parts for fear of the hungry bum syndrome. Hungry bum? I had to google it: for all intents and purposes, it’s one bad-assed wedgie and not something to be messed with. My. My. This is stirring the underwear pot, isn’t it? Friends, need we divide to conquer the curse of the VPLs?

Now this model can really rock the Sol thong, right?

Now this model can really rock the Sol thong, right?

What do you prefer: panty or thong? Join the discussion on our Facebook page.

You can bet your bottom dollar that this isn’t the last you’ve heard of this debate.

Sweet Summer Sprees

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Summertime is all about fun in the sun and easy breezy style. So, what do Miel girls do for fun and how do they look so hot while staying cool? Well, their secret is out: a little bit of Miel goes a long way no matter what you’re doing this summer!

As promised in our previous post, here are some pics of yoga teacher Yasmin F. Gow kicking off her summer with a bang by posing for Miel Sisters in the Nevada desert. Yasmin certainly did her best to crank up the heat and get temperatures rising as she stretched and lunged amongst the rocks. It doesn’t get much hotter than this!

7038 7066 7438 8060

Yasmin in Nevada (all photos courtesy of Andrea Hausmann)

Others such as Miel Sister co-founder, Valeria, packed up the family and headed off to her native Columbia, land of magical realism and famed author Gabriel García Márquez, for some well-deserved R&R. Now, if like Valeria you need to spend any length of time travelling by plane (or car, boat or train, for that matter), you might think comfort first and style later when it comes to travel clothes. But why compromise? The NANA bra is sleek yet cozy enough to sleep in (just ask Valeria!) and the COCO camisole is another easy item to pack, for day or night, as it goes with shorts at the beach or with your favorite eyelet circle skirt for a museum tour. A sight for sore eyes in any suitcase!

photo 1 photo 4 Screen shot 2014-07-25 at 11.42.24 AM

Valeria with son Miguel and daughter Alicia

For her part, Miel Sister Camila went the whole nine yards (or, in this case, the whole nine months) with her summer plans this year and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in late June. What sweeter way to bolster the Miel sisterhood! New mom Camila will certainly be wearing her MIMI bandeau to nurse; it just can’t get any comfier or easier than this, especially during the dog days of summer.

Perhaps you’re just staying put and hanging out at home. Summer is a great time to enjoy all the sights and sounds a city has to offer—in Montreal alone, festivals such as Nuits d’Afrique, Just for Laughs, Montreal Pride, to name but a few, provide entertainment opportunities galore—or the tranquility of a riverside picnic by the St. Lawrence River or a picturesque hike in the Eastern Townships. When it comes to dressing, go the easy route by pairing a MIMI bandeau with low slung joggers and a blazer for the evening. Now this look is sure to make a splash, whether you’re by a pool or not!

And what about you… how will you be spending your summer?

Striking a Pose with Yasmin Yoga

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Who better to embody the joy and spirit of sweet Miel undies than Yasmin F. Gow, yoga teacher and ayurvedic practitioner, owner of Yasmin Yoga Loft located in Old Montreal. Miel Sisters Camilla and Valeria have known Yasmin for about four years and when the opportunity to partner up with her presented itself, the sisters thanked their lucky stars, saluted the sun and were, quite simply, over the moon!

Read on to find out a little more about this inspiring yogapreneur. And don’t forget to check out her smoking-hot photo shoot in the Valley of Fire, Nevada’s oldest and largest state park. We’ll be posting the photos very soon… in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek:

Yasmin in red

Photo courtesy of Andrea Hausmann

Suzanne: I recently read that you enjoy fashion and like to dress up. As a person who spends many hours in and around a yoga studio, what role does fashion play in your life?

Yasmin: I love and appreciate art in all its forms. Fashion for me is art you take with you on to the street. I’m not into labels, but have always been interested in things that are well made, tailored, unique, and one of a kind. I mostly like neutrals with wild accessories.

After a long and drawn out winter, the warm weather is finally here. What Miel items will you be wearing this summer?

The low rise SOL thongs, for sure, as they are the best for yoga and the MIMI bandeau under my tank tops. I also have a new sheer dress, which pairs perfectly with the nude color bandeau and the IRIS culotte.

In this day and age of high tech undergarments, what are your thoughts on wireless… underwear?

Thank goodness for wireless bras! They are more flexible, so good for yoga poses and better for deep intercostal breathing. Plus, they are more comfortable.

You always look so amazing. What is your daily beauty routine? Do you have a secret up that cap sleeve of yours?

Thank you! I sleep well, exercise daily, eat a plant-based diet according to my ayurvedic constitution, and take care of my skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body and its primary function is to breathe and detox. Very important. I am obsessed with Arbonne products, as they are vegan, toxin free and based on ayurvedic principles which I relate to.

You’re just back from Nevada where you posed under the sun in Miel accoutrements. Sounds like fun, and the pics are gorgeous. What was the coolest place you ever practiced yoga?

Valley of Fire in Nevada where we shot those pictures is pretty high up on the list. Another memorable practice was on a six-hour train ride across Germany. Stability is a really interesting challenge on a train or boat. But, really, my favorite place to practice is in nature—my toes in the soft grass, tall trees around me, a breeze, and, whenever possible, a view of the water. When I lived in Byron Bay, I used to practice on the cliffs facing the easternmost tip of the Australian mainland and that was pretty epic. Right now, I am enjoying practicing in the grass on De la Commune in the Old Port near my new loft. It’s pretty nice. Come join me this summer!

It’s June and many of us want to make the most of the long summertime days. What positions do you suggest to boost creative energy?

Standing poses like triangle, side angle, warriors, etc. Balancing poses like tree, dancer, eagle and half-moon. Arm balances are good too as they boost confidence and courage. Best practice for increasing creative energy are poses that open up the places in the body where one feels energetically congested. This is different for each of us, so I suggest people breathe and follow the flow of their own body’s needs and desires for movement.

Have you ever tried stand up paddleboard (SUP) yoga? Is this a craze or is it here to stay? In other words, need I start to worry about waterproofing my yoga shorts?

I have tried and enjoyed stand up paddle boarding, but not SUP yoga. For me yoga is about being grounded and stable, I imagine that is very difficult on a paddleboard. But I suspect that’s the point. I would be interested in giving it a try. After all, yoga on water sounds cool. Is it a craze? I don’t know. But I suggest everyone try it at least once and make their own decision.

You are a certified yoga teacher and ayurvedic practitioner, you have your own yoga studio in Old Montreal, you hold the Guinness world record for the longest yoga marathon performed by a woman, you’ve created a series of yoga DVDs, you write, you give lectures, etc. Heck, you’ve accomplished a whole lot. Do you have a bucket list? And if so, can you share an item or two with us?

Yes! I have a huge desire to swim with wild humpback whales. I have heard of a place in Tahiti that takes out small groups once a year. I have dreams about doing something like that. I also want to travel across India and learn how to properly toss pizza dough! Know any pizza chefs who would be willing to teach me? (Editor’s note: We’ll get right on that.)

What is your guilty pleasure? And please, don’t say dark chocolate. Let me get the ball running by sharing mine: condensed milk spooned straight out of the can. There. I said it. So, yours better be darn good.

Polish vodka and apple juice. Not just any Polish vodka—it has to be Żubrówka!—or just any apple juice—I prefer Hucks or a dark cider-like apple juice. Another treat: Guinness with a scoop of Coconut Bliss “ice cream.” This is a unique twist on an ice cream float that I take full credit for inventing two summers ago. Try it. It sounds gross but it’s amazing. I also love salty things like chips. Are you good with that? (Editor’s note: Oh yeah baby!)

Let’s wrap this up with a funny anecdote about yoga, travelling, underwear, whatever. Anything you care to share?

Rather than funny, let’s go deep… The purpose of yoga (and life) is about being fully united with yourself and understanding your value. The light, the sexy, the ugly, the innocent, the confused, the ridiculous, the jealous, and the dark are all parts of who we are. Obviously, there are many ways to work with of all this. Find your own way to gain insight—yoga postures, dance, conscious breathing, meditation, poetry, painting, martial arts, whatever. Being aware, accepting and appreciative of the various facets of ourselves is massively important if we want to experience freedom and make any impact in this world.